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Our various souvenirs are in the style of Tiger Sugar. They are lovable and definitely the best choice for festivals or birthday gifts.

Gift Basket includes Black Sugar Popcorn, Milk Egg Rolls, Black Sugar Cookies, and a multipurpose leather case as well.

Various gift sets are also available.

If you want to order Tiger Sugar gift packs and products, please email or private message us.

Fragrant and Crispy

The two classic elements of Tiger Sugar, tiger-style black sugar and fragrant thick milk, combined with classic cookies, must complement each other.

The rich black sugar aroma and the crunchy texture of cookies add to the taste.

Tiger Sugar Black Sugar Cookies are packaged in a beautiful tin box and come with a tiger pattern gift bag. For sure this is a perfect and lovable gift.

If you want to order Tiger Sugar gift packs and products, please email or private message us.

Pearl Pineapple Cake

When the characteristics of Tiger Sugar combined with the traditional food, it has become the world's first "Black Sugar Pearl Pineapple Cake". The filling is made of Taiwanese raw materials such as Tainung No. 17 Golden Diamond Pineapple, Tiger-style black sugar and pearls. The cake is very chewy and yummy.

Pearl Pineapple Cake ~ Authentic

Pineapple cake has a long history. According to legend, in the Three Kingdoms period, Liu Bei married Sun Quan's sister with a wedding cake made of pineapple stuffing. In Taiwanese wedding customs nowadays, there are six flavours of engagement cakes representing the six rituals. One of them is pineapple because "pineapple" is pronounced "prosperous" in Hokkian, symbolizing the prosperous coming of descendants.

Tiger Sugar Black Sugar Pearl Pineapple Cake comes in a delicate gift box, and each piece is individually packaged, making it a perfect gift.

Convenient and Fast ~ Gift card

Whether there is a private party, or a business banquet and event, it is fantastic to hold a raffle and use the Tiger Sugar gift card as the prize. It is sure to be loved by everyone.

Online gift-giving is now popular. For business gift or gift to relatives and friends, Tiger Sugar gift card is definitely a convenient and quick choice.

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