Original Intention

Tiger Sugar is an international dessert chain originated in Taiwan.

Our intention is to let the world taste the best flavour of Taiwan boba pearl milk tea through taste and vision.

After more than a decade of painstaking research and development, Tiger Sugar believes that desserts are the most relaxing, healing and relaxing food.

Tiger Sugar is the first "drink" dessert and unique in the world. What Tiger Sugar wants to convey to the world is Taiwan's strong human touch and endless creative aesthetics of leisure desserts.

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Continuous Innovation

In order to bring you more enjoyment on the tip of your tongue, Tiger Sugar has always been thinking about creating new products. But innovation does not leave the ancestry.

This also reflects the values ​​of Tiger Sugar, which not only insists on orthodox craftsmanship, but also dares to embrace change and innovate continuously.

To name just a few: The world's first drinkable Black Sugar Mochi Boba, Black Sugar Boba Tofu Soy Milk with Cream Mousse, Black Sugar Boba Thick Ice Cream, Mango Sago, Lychee Bursting Boba…every time when Tiger Sugar unveils new products, people are applauded. Tiger Sugar also launches Black Sugar Popcorn, Milk Egg Rolls and Cookies that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

The limited-time products are even more precious. Tiger Sugar has launched the world's first "Black Sugar Pearl Pineapple Cake", which is 100% made in Taiwan. The fillings are made of Taiwanese raw materials such as Tainung No. 17 Golden Diamond Pineapple, Tiger Black Sugar, and pearls. The cake is very chewy and fragrant. This authentic delicacy has set off a rush to buy as soon as it is launched.

In 2022, we make persistent efforts to launch new products, such as Matcha Black Sugar Boba Milk, Black Sugar Chocolate OREO Boba Milk and Tiger Waffle, which will surely make everyone "love it" again.

Tiger Sugar Black Sugar

Why Choose
Tiger Sugar?

Tiger Sugar Concept 1

Sweep the World

The exclusive Tiger-Style Black Sugar is composed of perfect proportions, with a distinctly layered and fragrant taste.

The drink desserts featured by Tiger Sugar quickly became popular in Asia, and we are now in more than a dozen countries. No matter which city we are in, Tiger Sugar become the check in hot spot on social media platforms.

The popularity has been prolonged, and everyone can't stop loving the tiger pattern drink dessert.

Tiger Sugar Signature
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Feature of Product

Tiger Sugar is the world's first "drink" dessert, and sugar is the core element of dessert.

With the global trend of healthy living, delicious food is "more nutritious, healthier and less burdensome". Black Sugar is not only the flavour of traditional Taiwan, but also rich in minerals and vitamins and other nutrients. With a unique aroma, it is an unforgettable taste.

Tiger Sugar uses organic fresh milk and does not use creamer, providing a rich and savory taste. This lets you enjoy a drink and have a nutrition without burden.

We also use selected tea leaves from Taiwan, which are full of tea flavour.

In addition to the unique taste, the combination of aesthetic feeling and healing vision tiger pattern can make people relax while drinking. Just like a magic, Tiger Sugar makes people have the desire to taste the drink dessert again and again.

Award Winning

Not only loved by everyone, Tiger Sugar's products also won many awards.

In 2020, we won the first place of "Consumer Satisfaction in Black Sugar Milk Tea" at the Korea’s First Brand Awards.

In 2021, our Tiger sugar oolong tea won the Superior Taste 3-star award from ITQI.

Every time winning an award, it is an affirmation and encouragement to Tiger Sugar.

Enter Canada

In the midsummer of 2019, the tiger whirlwind finally hit Canada.

At the time of the opening ceremony, a group of Torontonians had already waited in line, in order to be one of the first to taste the drinks in the country.

This tiger whirlwind soon swept across Ontario. In addition to downtown Toronto, we have opened new stores at Scarborough and North York in City of Toronto, as well as Markham, Thornhill and Aurora in York Region.

In 2021, Tiger Sugar opened two stores in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city.

In the winter of 2021, Tiger Sugar expanded to Calgary, a cosmopolitan city in the province of Alberta.

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Best way to enjoy Tiger Sugar Black Sugar Boba Milk

Step1. Take a creative picture and upload to Facebook and Instagram

Step2. Shake up and down for 15 times (Most important steps)